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International Meets

2006 Dutch Open Seniors AA

2006 Italian Team Championships (Prova 5)
2006 Dutch Open Seniors AA
2006 Dutch Open Juniors AA
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The complete coverage by DutchFan from Gymworld:
  • G1: Steliana Nistor (ROM), Loes Linders (NED), Hanneke Hoefnagel (NED)
  • G2: Hu Xiao (CHN), Lichelle Wong (NED), Carina Hasenohrl (NED)
  • G3: Rebecca Benner (GER), Yvette Leyendeckers (NED)
  • G4: Candice Cronje (RSA), Rhinette Whelpton (RSA), Lou-Ien Lie (NED), Berber Van Den Berg (NED)



Nistor VT warm-up - Nistor VT - Hu Xiao UB - Benner BB - Cronje FX  - Linders VT - Wong UB
Leyendeckers BB - Whelpton FX - Hoefnagel VT - Hasenohrl UB - Lie FX - Van Der Berg FX
Whelpton VT - Linders UB - Wong BB - Leyendeckers FX - Lie VT - Hoefnagel UB
Hasenohrl BB - Benner FX - Van Den Berg VT - Nistor UB - Hu Xiao BB - Cronje VT1/2
Benner VT - Lie UB - Hoefnagel BB - Hasenohrl FX - Leyendeckers VT - Van Den Berg UB
Nistor BB - Hu Xiao FX - Cronje UB - Linders BB - Wong FX - Whelpton UB
Hu Xiao VT - Leyendeckers UB - Van Den Berg BB - Nistor FX... first routine competed since december 2004! - Wong VT - Benner UB
Cronje BB - Linders FX - Hasenohrl VT - Whelpton BB - Hoefnagel FX - Lie BB
Featuring Lichelle Wong (NED), Steliana Nistor (ROM)), Hu Xiao (CHN), Loes Linders (NED), Carina Hasenohrl (NED)
Individual routines by Saltotje from Gymworld:
Steliana Nistor (ROM):
Loes Linders (NED):
TV report captured by Angelique from GGMB:

TV summary from the competition including Suzanne Harmes and Verona Van De Leur interviews, Loes Linders (NED) VT & FXclip, Lichelle Wong UB & VT, Steliana Nistor VT & BB clip, Hu Xiao (CHN) VT & UB clip and Hoefnagel UB clip:

TV report

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